Frequently Ask Questions

How do I participate in the upcoming virtual exhibitions? And how much does it cost?

We have various packages you can choose from, you can contact us here for artwork submission. Once we assess your artworks, we will book a slot for you in one of our upcoming exhibitions. 

Can I do a solo virtual exhibition?

Yes, we can arrange a solo virtual exhibition for you, with a minimum of 3 artworks submitted.

What is included in the package if I want to participate?

We have various packages you can choose from. For each package, you will get: 2 week virtual exhibiion, room curation services, marketing material, targeted marketing, You'll be featured on our website and social medias where you'll be exposed to a lot of related opportunities.

How do clients proceeds if they are interested with one of my exhibits?

We will provide a link inside the exhibition directing them straight to you, with your personal choice of contact (Whatsapp / Email / etc).

How does a virtual exhibition works? Can I see the past exhibitions?

We will personally curate and showcase your exhibits in the selected space (depends on the package you choose from). You can see our past exhibitions in our archive here or you can look at the video here.

How long does an exhibition stay live?

All exhibitions remains live for a standard of 2 weeks, but we are open for discussions for package customisation.

Where can I access the virtual exhibitions from? How can I share it to others?

You can easily access the virtual exhibitions anywhere, via mobile phone / desktop with full convenience. You can also share the link we provide for your exhibition to your surroundings.

Further Questions?

You can reach us via WhatsApp here or shoot us an email at